About Margot Austin and
The Design Edit

photo: Mark Challen

photo: Mark Challen

I'm a freelance creative who enjoys wearing many hats. I built a solid foundation of magazine journalism skills at the top shelter, fashion & beauty and entertainment titles in Canada. Find out more about my areas of freelance practice and see my portfolio at margotaustin.ca.

Around here I'm the editor-in-chief. The Design Edit is a magazine about decorating, design, personal style, creative freelance life and more. With an emphasis on original content, The Design Edit brings you stories that pass muster when measured against the following brand pillars:

Excellence • Value • Simplicity

The Design Edit is the chronicle of a design-loving life, edited. 

P.S. Doesn't Margot Austin and The Design Edit sounds like a good band name? Keeping that in my back pocket, just in case.



Story Ideas and Collaborations

Do you have a great design story to share? Would you like to work with Margot Austin and/or The Design Edit. We should chat.

email me: margotlaustin@gmail.com or call me: 416-723-2273; or just fill out this handy form and click Submit. Promise it goes right to me.

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